Outputs of the career of English Philology: there is life there out?

We received dozens of messages per day and some of the questions that make us very often are:

“What can I do now that I have finished the race of Philology
«What Philology outputs are the most interesting?»

Either English Philology, Spanish or any other language, is always an issue that arrives at certain times in the life of the student. All faculties have a section on their website where you provide a detailed list of all the career opportunities of English Philology. Even so, still emerging doubts every year.


The problem is that take the whole race thinking of what would happen when this time came. In College, you usually induce to think that your only two roads will be teaching and Research. But and if that isn’t for you? what happens to students who want to do something different?

That’s where the doubts and fear are planted out into the working world. Then, all make us the same question:is there life after studying Philology?

In two words: definitely, yes.

Surely entered the career of Philology for one of these reasons: you passionate about languages, it gives you good writing, you love the world of letters and communication or you wanted to study translation and for whatever reason it was not possible.

You take years specializing you on that you like: languages, writing, correction and communication… Isn’t it a great starting point? You’re a professional language! It is the time to put the batteries.

The best thing is that you have a number of possibilities enooooooorme:

  • Professor in ELE
  • Teacher in high school, etc.
  • Translator
  • Editor/a
  • Corrector for spelling or style
  • Editor/a
  • Manager/a cultural
  • Tour guide / to
  • Intercultural mediator/a
  • Linguistic Advisor/a / a
  • Community Manager
  • Content Manager to
  • Copywriter
  • Etc.

But to give you an idea, we’re going to enter into matter and to tell you the most interesting outputs. We will start with what touches us most closely: the translation.